Hannah Lewkowski

Team Leader

After growing up in the Chicagoland area, Hannah moved to Phoenix to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology from Grand Canyon University. You can say her blood runs purple, because not only is her husband also an alum but she worked there for a few years as well! 

I enjoy cooking and baking fun recipes on the weekend, finding new restaurants in the Valley (I have many recommendations if you need one!), and searching for my next favorite book. 

Team Hannah
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I’ve seen firsthand the peace of mind an estate plan provides for a family, especially in a situation where it’s an emergent need. I want to be a part of assisting in providing that same ease to those who already have a lot to handle and ensuring this is one thing on their list they don’t need to worry about.
Fun fact
I’m in a photo that is blown up the size of the main wall in the Grand Canyon University practice gym, and my 3-foot-tall face looks like I’m picking my nose. I’m not … but it looks like I am.
On my bucket list
Visit every state (I’m halfway there!)

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